Jaybot’s Follow Along Part 4.

Happy New Year! 



I mean, that’s probably when you’re reading this. It could be some random date like March 2023 and we’re all robots in a post-apocalyptic world trying to earn more bitcoin to feed our alien overlords and you’ve simply come here after reading my last post.

Either way, welcome back!

So we left off pivoting away from our Iraqi somewhat-converting offer on Haka to find some greener pastures on Traffic Company.

Here’s a sample of where we started out:

Those are some nice numbers. Could be luck. Let’s find out by…

Slicing it up into a bunch of different camps. CPA Goal, SmartCPM and Vanilla CPM Whitelist and our Smart CPM Blacklist and a few different bids.

What do we have?



Not ideal.

But hey, I think our funnel is definitely good. We have some good zones, and an offer that converts. This spinner ‘lander’ works really well too.

But the offer page is a bit slow, which can affect conversions.

How do I know?

Well, aside from testing the offer link myself, direct linking to offers are typically slower than your own self-hosted landers.

There are various reasons why, but I have no clue what they are exactly in the case of TC

In any case, it’s always best practice to host your own landers. For many, many reasons you’ll see as we progress.

For now, landing page speed, and also being able to check out Click Through Rate (CTR) is reason enough.

“But Jaybot… I don’t have a landing page!

That’s right! You don’t! Let’s get one!

“OK, but what landers do I need?! There are like a bajillion to choose from!”

Good question. Sweepstakes landers. And there are several philosophies here:


Philosphy I The lander that converts the best.             

You need to test all the landers. This may be the best way for people with an unlimited budget and a Time Machine. But we don’t have either of those. 

So let’s not do that.


Philosophy II – Three popular landers.

Spinner (which has higher CTR but lower Conversions), 

Quiz (which has lower CTR but higher Conversions),  

Giftbox (somewhere in the middle CTR and CR). 


Split-testing these 3 landers is a great combination and will serve you well in the future when you are testing many different offers in many different geos. Feel free to download one of each of these for any offers we are testing now, you can always use landers in the future, for a very. long. time.


Philosophy III – One lander.

Veteran affiliates have their mouths agape and stats nerds are screaming at their monitors right now reading this. 

Hear me out.

At this stage, while good practice, split-testing landers is not necessary. All three of the styles above will work. 

Some quick and dirty rules to follow are

Lower tier geo 3/4 (cheap LATAM, Middle East, etc. what we are focusing on) = Spinner is usually best. Giftbox also works OK. Quiz is worst.

Mid-tier geo 2/3 (some EU, some crazy rich Asians) = Giftbox is best. Quiz works OK. Spinner is worst.

Top-tier geo 1/2 (US, DE, posh EU and nords) = Quiz is usually best. Giftbox OK. Spinner is worst.

There are always exceptions. But this will get you started and save you a lot of time (and money) when testing.

“Hey hey, looking at those rules, I can pretty much always use Giftbox, right?”

You could. And if you are mostly doing Tier 2-3 I would actually recommend it. When you find a good offer with Giftbox, then you can split-test the other two landers.

In the same way, we are focusing on Tier 4-ish right now, so I would highly recommend getting a good spinner.

“OK, OK, Spinner! But where do I get it from?”

Fantastic Question!

You could drop a huge chunk of change on Spy Tools like Anstrex or Adplexity, but let’s face it: 

Spy Tools are expensive

They have their place for research and well, spying. But it’s overkill just to grab a simple lander. We’re just starting out!

The easiest way to get a landing page? For free?

Ask your AM (account manager) ?

Traffic Company AMs are usually awesome and they will grab you whichever variation of their landers you wish (spinner/giftbox/quiz/etc.) in whatever geo/language/prize you need. For free.

Now, you’ll still have to add your own tracking links in there (there’s only two spots on most of them), ask your AM or Binom support if you need help with that.

I can assure you their landers are quite clean and not too much crazy voodoo going on with them, so you don’t need to worry about scary code stealing your money.

Even if you are not using Traffic Company, it never hurts to ask your network Account Manager for any landers. I have received some amazing landers from my managers on networks from Clickdealer, Advidi, YepAds, Wewe, etc. just by simply asking if they had any for an offer I wanted to run. 

Network AMs also have access to all sorts of stats that they can find exactly what type of lander is probably working for which offer, which again, saves you time from testing.

“But Jaybot. I’m shy. And my manager never talks to me ‘cause I’m a noob. And… I don’t like the colors of the TC landers.”

I’ve been there. Starting out is rough. You don’t want to be annoying and ask a bunch of questions. You wanna look cool in front of your new overlord or whatever.

Well guess what?

There is one spytool out there you can use for free.


Caveat 1: it’s free. Which means you’ll need to do some extra magic to get actual landers, but I can assure you it works and I use it myself.



Sign up (yes, it’s free, use a throwaway email if you’re paranoid) and Sign in.

“Hey… these are… banner ads? creatives… wait, it says push!”

Calm down. Yes. It’s for push, but we all use the same landers, trust me. Especially for sweeps.

And the creatives will help us figure out what kind of lander we can expect if we click on it. Such as these here:

While we may not be able to read the text, I’m pretty sure these are for iPhone offers, and dating some hooded cuties.

Caveat 2: you’ll probably need a VPN and a User Agent switcher to get access to a lander.

I can’t help you here. I will say that if you don’t have a VPN, you should get one as it will help you immensely doing affiliate marketing. 

Geez, this post has become much longer than I expected. Let’s continue on.


I got that Arabic Language Spinner lander from my TC AM. Added my Binom Click links. Uploaded to my server…

“What?! Server? I need another server?”

You don’t need one. You could just host it on the same server as your Binom tracker. If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you can figure it out.

Or… you could use Binom’s new handy ‘no-redirect’ lander feature to do that for you… but that’s up to you 🙂

Alright, now we have our very own lander, all we need to do is edit the rotation we’ve been using:

Turn off direct linking, add the lander, and change our Traffic Company offer link to have no prelander…

How’d we do?

Oh, come on! This is supposed to be a Follow Along where I show you how to succeed, not how to fail! Well… crap. 

Asian Chinese little sisters struggle for blocks on the floor in the living room at home.

Pro Tip: don’t get emotionally attached to campaigns. Learn to take a hit and move on without crying in a corner too much. (To be fair, this is every camp since we started the follow along, and it is over XXX in revenue ?)

All that hard work and nothing to show for it except this nice funnel, these three great networks and an incredibly versatile Spinner landing page in Arabic.

Wait-a-second. Can I use this lander for anything else? Surely, some other countries speak Arabic. Let me ask my Traffic Company AM…

Tunisia. Morocco. Sudan. Lebanon. Syria. Yemen. Saudi Arabia. Emirates. Afghanistan. Egypt. Algeria.

Quite a few then. Which ones does my lovely AM suggest I try? (aside from all of them, which I’m sure would make them and the traffic source very happy)

TN, MA, LB all doing well. IQ not so hot these days. Well, if I had known that earlier! (remember that thing about Time Machines? I’m serious)

Alright, checking the TC telegram channel bot thingy, I can see Tunisia and Lebanon doing consistently well over the past few weeks.

So I will make two new camps. Two new Rotations with the offers.

One for Lebanon and one for Tunisia. I could use my existing Blacklist and Whitelist, but before I do that… let’s run a CPA Goal camp to check if the offers convert at all first. 



Will it be a New Year’s Celebration?

Or an apocalyptic bot-infested doomsday future?


Tune in next week to find out! ?




You can contact Jaybot via Telegram @jaybot7