Jaybot’s Follow Along Part 3

Nice to see you again! Come on in! 

Pull up a chair, have a seat and let Uncle Jaybot tell you about the time we decided to run affiliate marketing in our favorite geo: Iraq.

If you recall from last week (or one page ago if you’re binge reading), we ran some cheapo offers on Zeydoo for $0.01 to find some promising geos and get some nice converting zones and ended up with IQ. We then decided to do that again with a whopping $0.35 payout on Haka.

Before we dive in, I should point something out which isn’t always obvious to many beginners: 

A 35 cent offer can be 35 times more difficult to convert than a 1 cent offer.

The advertisers, traffic sources, offer owners, CPA networks etc. all understand this. They’re not dumb and they’ve all been doing this for awhile. That’s how payouts get set. 

How difficult it is to convert an offer + how expensive traffic is in its geo will more or less decide how much the payout is.

This is why an SOI (Single Opt-in) in Germany will pay handsome $3.50, while the same exact offer in France will pay a decent $1, and the same offer in Thailand will pay a paltry $0.30, yet the same offer in Indonesia will pay a measly $0.05

This is also why a ‘cheap’, easy SOI in France will be about $1 but an ‘expensive’, difficult CC Submit (Credit Card Submission) will pay out a whopping $40!

Yes. Sometimes, an advertiser will not know exactly how well an offer will convert and will set it too high/low and it will get adjusted. You’ll see this happen on fresh offers (and it can be a good way to make some quick profits) but we’re not quite at the level of testing new offers yet. We’ll get there though 🙂

Alright. So, let’s check the damage we did.

Ouchie. I’m almost embarrassed to show these numbers!


Remember we talked about CPM and Vanilla and ice cream last time? I didn’t do any Vanilla CPM this time. What I did was: SmartCPM clustered Whitelist at 2x 3x and 4x bid, the same Blacklist from our Finance offer last week, plus I just swapped out the rotation of our finance Whitelist offer to this one and kept it running. Also, a CPA Goal to cover more bases.

‘Wait… 1, 2, 3, 4x bids? At the same time? You’re crazy!’ 


(my fearsome bidding technique! attack bids from all angles! rawr!!!!)

Different bid levels will get you different traffic. And, as you blacklist or remove zones from your whitelist, you want more traffic from the good zones you have. 

As you’ll notice if you look a little closer, the Whitelist camp with the best ROI had the highest bid at 10x the original bid

(The ‘4x’ bid campaign was set at $3.02 CPM which is almost 10x our original bid of 0.34 CPM. I roughly double the bid every time, so: 0.34 -> 0.70 -> 1.4 -> 3.02)

But let’s get back to the actual crappy numbers.

(how my bidding technique is actually working)

Now, I could be sneaky and say I got over 100 conversions and earned $30 revenue!… 

Which is technically true. But not painting the whole picture.

See? This is why you read this Follow Along. I just lost $75 for you! Aren’t I nice? 😀

Okay, so what’s going on in this picture?

Well, the keen observers up front noticed that all my camps are running on the same rotation, and that… it says something like iPhone11 Gift.

‘Wtf Jaybot?! You said captcha!

Oh, calm down. I said both 😉 So I ran both. Which looked like this:

And as we can see, iPhone converted slightly better (and has more legs for the future, which you’ll see soon enough) so I switched everything over to that.

Any good news

Let’s check out zones.

Lots of green zones here. Yes, lots of one-conversions only, but remember: many of these zones are from a Whitelist which we created from our previous camps, so they may be there for a reason (I could go back and compare zones, but that would make this post even longer and boring–er). 

We also have some red, but high-converting zones still:

That top zone with 25 Leads is almost break-even! We could whitelist just that zone and make its own Vanilla CPM camp.

‘Waitasec Jaybot… What’s with these numbers? Your eCPA is 0.36 that doesn’t match up… and 0.21, 0.02? $0.70 profit on one conversion! What’s going on here?’

Oops. You got me! 🙂

I snuck another offer into the rotation once I saw that iPhone 11 was converting well:

So, let’s open up those earlier pictures to see the full-er picture:

The original bid duped as our first Whitelist was $8 revenue and 10 cents green pretty quickly. 

So I mixed it in with all our camps and…

 ROI went from -70% (that’s borderline time to quit) to a healthy -40% (this can be turned around quickly with some optimization!).


‘OK, fair enough, Where did this magical offer come from?’

Traffic Company. Which has a bunch of Click2Call offers in almost every country on the planet. Similar to Haka, but these link to actual phone calls, sometimes called IVR offers. Integrated uh, Voice… uh, Response? I have no idea.

Anyway, the user clicks on the CTA (Call To Action) and makes a phone call: you get money. The longer they stay on the call, the more money you get. In theory. That’s why the payouts you see here vary from $0.02 to $0.70 and above. 

The key to these offers is to find the average payout and aim for that. Hard to do if you don’t have converting traffic already. But we have that now, don’t we? 🙂

It seems worthwhile to me. So, let’s go all-in on this offer in Iraq.

Traffic Company has a template in Binom already, so it’s easy to set up. 

Get your Traffic Company account by signing up here with my referral link (because I would be a terrible affiliate if it weren’t, right?) 😉

They have a ton of offers, but we’re only interested in their click2call, which are definitely their best offers right now. 

Then we simply search and choose IQ.

And then… we get a ton of landers to choose from!

I need to pause and point out how freaking cool this is. They have every lander you could need for any offer.

I will choose spinner because spinners always do well in almost every geo, especially lower tier.

Next up, you get to choose your prize

Leave it at default if you trust them to do all the magic for you, or choose iPhone 11. I find that one model old usually converts better than brand new in most geos (it’s more believable for the user). So if the current Apple toy is the iPhone 12, choose 11. Samsung is S20, then S10. 

And now, we simply change up our rotation and let our existing camps keep working (with some minor adjustments which I’ll talk about next time, of course).

Next week, I’ll also talk about getting and using our own landers. What we need, where to find them, how to clean them easily, and how to get them for free! Yeah baby!

Will we finally see more green next time? Will Jaybot lose all his money and become a monk? Tune in sometime next week and find out!

See you soon!

P.S. Any questions? Comments? You know where to find me 😉