Tracking 100 accounts without getting a heart attack

Hi! We have received this article as part of the second contest and it won an award. Enjoy!

Below you will find my personal record of working with numerous FB accounts. I hope this will be useful both for beginners and wise old birds of the affiliate world.

Here we employ Microsoft Excel at its basics.

1. Create a table with the necessary columns containing: Offer, App/Landing page, Creative, Budget per day, Fanpage. Choose the parameters for tracking depending on your vertical. Your accounts may get banned because your fanpage is self-registered or you may have picked an exceedingly triggering creative for your campaign.

We mark each account with the name of its holder (account owner).

Each Business Manager created or existing in the account should be renamed in its order as “name_nBM” where “n” is the serial number of the Business Manager.

In SubID, you may use names like “familiyanBMm” where “n” is the serial number of the Business Manager, “m” is the serial number of a campaign under each Manager.

2. Next, we will look into the color scheme for your campaigns, since the human brain processes visual information faster.

Each status/status group has its own color signifier.

The main statuses that we need to keep track of:

⦁ successfully running – green
⦁ delay/billing to pay/campaign is efficient but stopped – orange
⦁ checking (after “Publish”) – yellow
⦁ ban – red
⦁ account is ready for work – blue
⦁ moderation (submitted to lift a ban) – purple
⦁ extra status – blue

3. Let us examine the columns:

Column A – you can enter the card credentials in full for your convenience or just the last 4 digits.

Column C – account limit, 50/250/unlimited.

Column D – spare link to your Business Manager. When your social media page is temporarily unavailable you can always keep on working form the spare Business Manager.

Additional information:
In cells F12 and F13 you can see Business Managers bought aside from social accounts. We rank them in order of their limit
“50 of 1 BM 1” – the first Business Manager with a 50 limit and only 1 campaign
“250 of 1 BM 1” – the first Business Manager with a 250 limit and only 1 campaign
“unlim 1 BM 1” – the first unlimited Business Manager with only 1 campaign

The main idea is – do not let your accounts get lost in SubID, create a system to find them right away.
After all, time is the most valuable resource for an affiliate!

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