Igor Sorokin about e-commerce, remote team management and future of Bitcoin.

Hello, the field of affiliate marketing is mostly lack of content, especially in terms of interesting videos. We decided to take this situation in our hands and provide you with a series of professional interviews with industry leaders and successful affiliates.
The amount of videos will be corresponded with your feedback, as we are not interesting in simple shooting «for the drawer». Hence we encourage you to share your opinion in the comment section for if it was interesting and, of course, share, like and subscribe!

So we present you pilot series,
Our first guest is Igor Sorokin 

The path from zero knowledge noob with a couple of grands in the pocket to super affiliate running an international company of 20 people with 8 figures revenue goal set for this year.
Igor is a Russian super-affiliate and entrepreneur, speaker on the latest AWA. Well known from his blog on Defo. Lives in Barcelona, where an interview was filmed.
We were talking about pros and cons of e-commerce and how this industry differs from the usual affiliate marketing. Also a little about Bitcoins.
Igor shares his thoughts on management, success and self-development. Let’s watch!

We spoke to Igor in this video about:

0:40 You paid some traffic with your mom’s credit card?
5:00 How to get invited to Affiliate World Asia conference and the party
8:25 Air-conditioner installer
10:40 Can you remember the very moment when you decided to leave for Asia?
13:27 First profit
14:11 Three persons within the industry who have the biggest impact on Igor’s career
16:03 How to make friends with Lorenzo Green
17:09 Is that difficult to manage people remotely?
18:34 The biggest sacrifice for success. What is Success?
21:36 The most expensive purchase overall
22:09 Why do you make money?
22:40 Three most significant points in the income
24:45 I was always the big believer in bitcoins
25:43 Is big money limit the freedom?
27:43 Three verticals that have really made a bankroll?
28:30 Most misleading angle you used in order to make money?
30:16 Bringing value into this world
31:25 About Singlead and innovative business models
33:30 Speaking of e-commerce business. Products, criteria, price
35:24 Is that possible to make one million dollar profit monthly?
35:33 The goals for 2018 in terms of profit
36:16 Free time. “I’m not working more than 3-4 hours a day”
36:39 The real life hack on productivity | Morning rituals
39:30 literature. I’ve almost never read fiction
41:31 Three best books
44:55 Is Affiliate World conference transforming to be more e-commerce conference?
45:46 Extroverts and introverts in industry
46:52 How to talk to Ilan Musk, Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss?
47:36 You can approach people who close to your level and you can pull yourself to that level
48:23 The biggest trend of e-commerce business in 2018
49:57 Speaking of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, other coins,
51:14 Some personal questions about happiness, passion and best decision in the life
52:43 Barcelona is 300 sunny days a year
53:26 Binom.org