For whom can this script be useful?

1) If you use several trackers while using one offer in one network

2) If you switch from one tracker to another and don’t want to lose your old “lagging” conversions.

So. Step by step. To start with you need to setup a custom script.

Here is the code:

Change the prefixes tracker1, tracker2 at your discretion and change URLs and by your Postback URLs.

For instance, in Binom it looks as follows.{NETWORK_TOKEN}&payout={PAYOUT}

The obtained script should be saved in the file postback.php somewhere on your server. In this example it is saved here,

Then, in the affiliated network as Postback URL write

This is an example for the Cake system (clickdealer, adsimilis and alike), in the other networks tokens #s2# and #price# can differ.

Upon adding offer to tracker # 1 write this URL:{clickid}

For tracker # 2:{clickid}

I did my best to explain it as simply as possible for people without a programming background.