Sometimes it is necessary to filter landing traffic without tracker usage. For example, to protect yourself against check by moderators of the source during Binom LP Pixel use. For these purposes, we made a script which can filter traffic by following parameters.

– Country

– ОS

– IP

– Tokens in URL

– Referral


How to use?

1) Download the archive and extract all the files to the folder with your lander.

2) Open example.php

3) In rows from 4 to 8 set up filtration settings.

os_white: OS’s which will be transferred to your landing.

country_white: countries traffic from which will be passed to the landing.

ip_black: List of IP addresses traffic from which won’t be transferred to the lander.

tokens_black: List of tokens – if one of them is in the URL of the lander, such traffic would be transferred to “white” traffic.

Referer: If set value is 1, then the script will filter traffic with an empty referral. Upon purchase, traffic is usually not empty, and it has publisher’s domain or domain of the source.

4) Copy your code to the block YOUR LANDER's CODE HERE

5) Copy your “white” lander code (safe page) to the // YOUR WHITE LANDER's (SAFE PAGE) CODE HERE
6) Rename example.php to index.php


In this example traffic will only go through US to OD Android and iOS, traffic from IP, will be blocked, as well transitions with tokens {$domain},{$os},{$pubid}.

Which databases are used for country detect?

For determining the click’s country, we use the free databases from MaxMind. Experience has shown that it determines country quite accurately. If you want to use your database for it, change the file to .dat.

How to define OS?

We can’t use WURFL for OS detect on landers. Firstly, this library works very slow without caching. Secondly, it is paid. That’s why OS is determined by the entry in user-agent keywords.

Windows => Windows

Android => Android

IOS => iPod|iPhone|iPad

MacOS => Mac OS|Mac_PowerPC|PowerPC|Macintosh


Ubuntu => Ubuntu

ChromeOS => ChromeOS|ChromiumOS

Linux => Linux|X11

Symbian => SymbianOS

Robot => nuhk|Googlebot|Yammybot|Openbot|Slurp|msnbot|Ask Jeeves\/Teoma|ia_archiver

You can add your keys in php-code binom_cloaker.php file