The month of testing

Starting February 24, we started closed testing.  Gradually we are gathering testers. Fewer and fewer bugs in the backlog are left to squash, and we are gathering more testers. Some of them have transferred all their traffic to our tracker and earn money with us. We are really grateful for it. Thank you for your trust.

One month has already passed. And we have found these results.

–   We launched 6 updates

–   Fixed  91 bugs

–   Made 165 changes

–   Now we have about 30 testers. Active ones are about 10-15.

We are doing our best to fix bugs ASAP. Critical bugs are being fixed as soon as we are informed about it. During testing we had no cases of traffic lost. The first week of testing we mainly worked on the installer and update system. It is not an easy thing to install a tracker, you need root access to the database. There is no other way. And many other details.

To simplify the tracker update as much as possible, we created a 1-click update. User sees in the heading “New update!”, clicks on it and window with changes are being opened. You just need to Install and all is ready. No need to download or add things. This is very important taking into account that updates are issued quite often.

What are our weaknesses now?

Determination of desktop device. Now we use browscap, but it works too slowly, we are planning to change it.

Old base of mobile devices. Free WURFL is now being tested, we will apply the change in April.

Unfinished redirect system (rules). It had lots of bugs. Now it works quite well. But the interface is not too handy.

Custom timeframe. Currently, it is bundled together with time, we are planning to separate it by date/time. This point didn’t prove itself useful, it is not convenient.

During testing and real usage, lots of different interesting details are crossing my mind, if we implement all of them it would be super handy. Together with huge speeds, it gives you a feeling of simplicity and comfort while working.  It is like transferring from slow to fast Internet, you can feel the difference. When you get used to it, it is very hard to switch back to slow trackers.

As I probably wrote before. Our aim is to create simple and easy tracker without a tricky interface and huge amounts of different functions. We want to save your time, make your work pleasurable and help with our functionalities to make your campaigns more profitable.

We made small video with tracker demo. Unfortunately, my dedicated server is not the most powerful one and doesn’t have SSD disks (which will give approximately 2x increase in speed), but it is possible to observe approximate speeds