Changes for June

It was a month of the tracker’s code refactoring, internal process optimization and bugs fixing.

We created changelog on site.

List of changes

– Leads in campaign statistic

– Possibility for custom set up of  S2S for each campaign

– We added page Monitor, introduced internal errors check in

– Group campaigns deleting and cleaning

– Redirect by Device type

– We made optimization of information request displaying by last hours. Currently reports don’t overload database

– Time displaying between click and conversion on pages Conversions and Leads in reports

– Conversions in reports by campaigns

– Changes in в Domains, now it works without folders

– Made changes {clickid} in direct url to count conversions

– Made token {time} for displaying on landing timestamp

– We took away Hello, %username% and name set up

– Displaying in conversion table traffic source and campaign

– Request optimization for conversion displaying

– During redirect to other company we don’t count traffic consumption in campaign from which changeover was done