Changes for March

In March we released 5 updates (0.976,0.977,0.978,0.979,0.980). Lots of work was done for the installer, system for updating the tracker, and internal algorithm stabilization.

Full list of changes

– Updating system improvement

– Installer improvement

– Redirect by full country name and by abbreviation

– Name of generated CSV-file in reports

– Interface of update window

– Added redirect by referral

– Added redirect by referral day of week

– Added redirect by type and speed of connection

– Added redirect by language

– Added redirect by screen resolution

– Click price import form token Cost

– Increased CPC task accuracy to 5 digits after comma

– In Stats, we made 4 digits after comma for CPC and EPC

– Tokens auto fill in source settings

– Correct sorting in reports by day of week and hour

– In landers or offer URLs,  http:// is added automatically

– In redirect direct or return rule is shown

– In reports by traffic rules, flows by usual paths is marked as Default

– Bug tracker website

– Security improvement

– Internal procedure of statistic recalculation in case of failure

– Internal procedure for offer editing

– Improved procedure of backup copy save

– Increased highest values of URL and name

– Improved work with additional data

– Advanced cleaning algorithm

– Developed fields in all tables of database