Changes for May

This month we concentrated on the database architecture redesign. We also reduced load requests quantity, the number of tables was reduced more than 2 times, as well we decreased on 40 % the database volume by N clicks ensuring that on the same size hard disk much more information will be stored

We introduced reports by campaigns group and general statistics by source. Now you can analyze publishers by all your white and black campaigns in total or, for example, prepare black list by all sources at once. With help of such cross-reference reports campaign analyze rises to a new level.

We developed an API for statistic displaying. It is very simple. You can find in Settings the parameter with a key &api_key=aaaabbbbccccddddeee, add this is key to a link, and it will be displayed as JSON. In the URL, all parameters will be more or less understandable.

Detailed documentation

We conducted a survey regarding future functionalities.

Here are the results:

Protection from Spy-services 79.17% 19

Interface traffic distribution improving (paths, rules) 66.67% 16

Clickid report and stats by conversions in campaign 37.50% 9

Groups statistic (by a few campaigns, by source etc) 37.50% 9

Trends, Statistic by days, weeks, etc by all campaigns, groups 29.17% 7

Graphs 29.17% 7

Pre-defined traffic source 29.17% 7

Campaign dashboard 20.83% 5

Documentation 20.83% 5

Statistic filtration system 20.83% 5 20.83% 5

Multi offers 16.67% 4

1-click installer (through SSH) 12.50% 3

Traffic interface improving 12.50% 3

Drilldown report 4.17% 1

Import of campaign, landings, offers from other trackers 4.17% 1

Based on this information we will be developing these requests to our tracker in the future.


List of changes

– Database optimization, load reducing, tables quantity decreasing in more than 2 times, database volume reduced by 40 %

– Reports by sources

– Reports by campaigns group

– Upsell. Cost adding to conversion

– API for statistic displaying

– Clicks and conversions updates speed increased 20x

– Token {user_agent} on landings

– Setting of lifetime cookies

– Conversion list by certain campaign on conversion page

– General system stabilization, response time decreasing by more than 20 %! Now on dedicated servers with SSD disc, down to 11-13 ms under any loads

– Names editing in settings

– Prohibition indication by search engines

– Icon in campaigns with Note

– Search in campaign statistic

– Randomization of CSV-files

– Possibility to turn off device detect and geo in campaigns

– Trackers domain, paths, rules displaying on landers