Binom Tracker Market Launch

Binom is the fastest self-hosted tracker for an effective arbitrage.

The main point is reducing a user’s work time with the tracker, optimization of all actions advertising campaigns and user time saving due to a fast proceeding and thought-out interface.

Moreover, in the future, we want to help the user in determining the correct solution during their campaigns optimizations in a simple way, with the help of the internal functions. This is part of our plans.

This product is complicated with progressive DB architecture. We paid a lot of our attention to the development and testing of the tracker’s core to increase functionality in the near future.

Our current main advantages

– Can hold any loads. No need to scale server or to take a few servers, upgrade it, etc. In 99 percent of the cases, a usual 50 EUR/USD dedicated server is enough even for redirects.

– The highest speed of report generation through competitors. All reports, almost without exception, can be generated instantly. Time of a report preparation doesn’t depend on the total quantity of clicks in the database or in a campaign (which is the main problem of all self-hosted trackers); it means you tracker won’t slow down with a big database. Speed depends on click quantity for a given report period, and this is a nonlinear dependence. No need to delete clicks logs, if you have available disk space.

– Minimal time click processing doesn’t depend on the volume. Again, the main problem of all other current self-host trackers is that during load on a database the speed of redirects slows down which leads to decreasing of ROI. We separated these tasks, and you can refresh statistics and load reports endless times, and the speed of redirect won’t reduce. Also, the quantity of clicks doesn’t influence traffic volume. And this all was made under one database. Currently, the average speed of the redirect is 10ms, on a dedicated server with SSD disk it can be even faster. As far as I know, this is the best result for now. It will allow to significantly improve your campaign ROI.

– Multilevel reports. The majority of trackers has them. But only our tracker can produce reports by very narrow segments with hundreds of thousands of rows in under ten seconds without limitations by groupings.

Group working with campaigns. At the current moment statistics by campaign groups and sources, group deleting and campaigns cleaning are implemented.

The system of filters in statistics reporting. No need to download CSV files, open them in Excel (or in your scripts) and filter through the data. You just have to create filter in the tracker.

Line marks. You can mark publishers sent to the black and white lists if you want to have a second glance at them. Also, you can mark stopped advertisers, OS, and traffics types. Besides, there is the possibility to filter statistics by these parameters, including filtering by API.

Section Trends with statistic by all traffic, all campaign groups, by sources with nice graphs.

– Handy interface. No need to get used to it.

– Convenient API for report displaying, click price refreshing and work with offers/landers. Also, you can add report displaying by ABI saved filters in the tracker and receive complete black and white lists. We are planning further developing the API, gradually all the tracker’s functions will be available by API.

Smart Rotation function. This feature allows you to distribute traffic by paths/landings/offers taking into account clicks uniqueness and offer conversion.

Additional users with access rights.  You can add your employees or colleagues to the tracker and share with them campaigns groups, landings, offers, sources, etc. Also, you can close profit editing or viewing rights. Each user can check his/her campaign statistic.

– You can influence our product. We strive to make the tracker toward your needs by doing our best to introduce necessary functional as soon as possible. Sometimes we do it in less than a day. For example, in the current version, we implemented the transfer of cost from ExoClick. Just write us!

– Skype-support. All users who tested our tracker know how responsive and pleasant support. We are happy to answer all questions, both regarding tracker or arbitrage in general. We are doing our best to be online always, even at night. At the office, we are from 10 am to 10 pm (UTC +3). We are happy to up your tracker on any server.

Our future plans:

– Antispy plugin which will secure from Spy-services

–  Interface and traffic distribution functional reworking

– Traffic distribution templates

– Integration with affiliate networks

– Landings access protection by direct link

– Token refresh from landers

– Clicklog