Changes for October

In October we updated devices and IP, implemented cities databases, which allowed us to determine city of a click. Also, polices of cities and tokens {city} were added, for instance, for displaying in landings. We updated interface with new window styles, fronts, scrolls and much more.  Let’s review our main changes in functionality.


Section Trends

We added section Trends. For example, if you want to look up your profit by days, weeks, months, you should go to trends, and there you are able check any graphs. As for me, I often want to know my progress by profit. The same if you want to check this statistic by define group or source. In this section we implemented first version of graphs, later it will be launched in all tracker sections.

LP Pixel.  Noredirect tracking

Sometimes, it is necessary to direct traffic to a landings skipping the tracker. In this case you can transfer all source’s tokens in parameters of URL’а. Just copy LP Pixel code from your campaign’s setting to the tracker and direct traffic.

How you can use it?

– Elimination of a redundant redirect before landing (from tracker to landing) really influences conversion. Very often it increases this parameters by times. Besides, traffic loss declines.

– In cases when source “doesn’t like” link with redirect (Adwords, FB, MyTarget)

– There is necessity to use CDN for landings

–  You want to direct traffic to your site and want to measure its conversion to different offers by various metrics and segments.


Group working

Now you can add and delete offers and landings in batches.

Report grouping memorization

How does it work? You need to open report and set up grouping by publishers; then return to campaign, where you will be able to see report by publishers for chosen campaign instead of default Path-Offers-Landers as it was before.  In properties you can set on/off for this function.

List of changes

– Decreased server response in 2-3 times (depending on server)

– Section Trends with days/weeks/months statistic by all campaigns/groups/sources  

– LP Pixel. Possibility to direct traffic to landings  

–  Offers and landings batched adding

– Updated geolocations/Internet service providers (ISP) list.

– Updated list of devices

– Added tracking by cities

– Redirect by cities

– Token {city}

– Source creation of campaign setting

– Notes in offers and landings  

– Batched deleting of landings and offers  

– Import/export of all data (without clicks) for tracker transferring from one server to other with ability to save links