Changes for August

The release was launched successfully, although with some issues. For half of the month, we sorted out the chaos that occurred after the sales start. We refreshed and set up trackers for clients, collected feedbacks regarding new functions, improved billing-panel to work with a few subscriptions.

Sales results are impressive! Majority of testers moved to the paid subscriptions. We are so happy about it! It means that everything was not for nothing, and users really like our product.

We haven’t added much functionality, mainly we fixed small bugs, stabilized the system, rewrote part of the code responsible for the API and report generating. It allowed us to significantly decrease deep reports load time.

Also, we paid attention to documentation and developing the website.

List of changes

–   Significant report generation speed up, especially deep ones.

–   CPM in campaign settings divides the cost by 1000. This is relevant for Exoclick

–   Billing-panel update for purchase of multiple licenses in one account.

–   Enhanced documentation

–   Update costs by API

–   Filters in reports through API

–   Decreasing response time to 10 ms in dedicated servers and server load

–   “Update costs” speed increasing

–   A system of statistic automatic correction

–   Improved compatibility with MySQL 5.6