Changes for November


Finally, we launched our long-suffering update. We totally rewrote the system for reports generation.  It was done because of bad comparability with some of MySQL versions (some of the deep reports could not be downloaded at all), problems with report downloading by a few users, time zones necessity and other details. We have been testing the new system for a long time, gradually opening the updates. Testing started 2 weeks ago. Currently, we updated more than 60 trackers, so we don’t expect to experience any problems. Now, reports can be produced even faster.

Multiple selection of landing pages/offers in campaign’s settings

Now it is handier to add to the rotation lots of landing pages and offers. Just choose them in the window and hit button Add.

Antispy (beta)

This is a bot protection system of popular spy-services, for example, Adsplexity. We do not disclose the operational algorithm. The system is reliable; it indirectly protects even from moderators, for instance, if they use mobile devive emulation

We experienced big problems during module implementation due to the technical details of the clients’ server settings. We implemented checking of module proceeding accuracy, so if this function is not available, it means something went wrong. In such a case, please contact our support. We would like to get some feedback regarding new updates, so please test them.

Fault handler

This is a very important part. Strangely, we did not do it before. Now any fatal error in reports or on redirect will be sent right to us. With this feature we can be sure that everything is fine, traffic will not be lost, that MySQL on the server is not down, etc.

We started to work on the new interface for traffic distribution. In the next update, we will renew this part and solve the last soft spots of the product.

Changes list

– Anti-Spy module

– New version of report generation, namely, time zone selection and immediate download to the custom date/time. We solved some problems with deep reports, different versions of MySQL compatibility, reports parallel-load and others

– Convenient campaign’s URL coping

– Hot keys (doc)

– Conversion Pixel (doc)

– Landings protection against direct entry (doc)

– Multiple selections of offers and landings in the windows (campaign configurations)

– Test link in windows of  landing pages/offers editing

– Table sorting without page refreshing where it’s applicable

– Id displaying in the window of landing pages, offers campaigns list

– CSV and TXT without file save on server

–  We are planning to add to the section Conversions in offers grouping search by selection

– Added Аff. network leftward of the offer name through campaigns and reports configuration

– Problem with automatic logout was solved

– Displaying of date+time, data in all notes

–  Made button save inactive if no changes in campaign are done

– Interface

– Fault handler in reports and traffic distribution system