Changes for December

First of all, we made the second version of the traffic distribution.

Now you can reach paths in rules, edit landing pages/offers from distribution settings, policies priorities, rules/policies naming, minimizing/maximizing and a more enjoyable interface.

We added Clicklog with necessary click depth search functionality, like filters in reports.

We enhanced statistic colorization style.  Now the shade of green and red depends on ROI. We are loving it.

Nice changes for those who sell any types of products:

– communication settings payout, conversion, and statues

– status reports

– additional conversion status (status2)

Integrated landing can be done without redirect between a source and a page. Such landing pages open right away in your campaign’s link which can be useful for page opening speed optimisation. And, as a general rule, it is necessary in such sources as Facebook, as undue redirects are not desirable there.


To add your landing code to a tracker, hit No redirect in the window where you are adding landing, and download or single html file, or archive if there are few files.

You can find more detailed information in our documentation.

List of changes

– New design of traffic distribution

– Paths in rules

– Rules priorities

– Offers/landing pages editing from the distribution interface (doc)

– Possibility of paths/rules names changing

– Integrating of landing pages  (doc)

– Clicklog with possibility to search clicks by parameters

– Statuses adjustments and payout in conversation at aff. network

– Modal view instead of alerts

– Information sending to special-token from landing page  (doc)

– Exit point tracking from landing page (doc)

– FB Prefetch FIX

– Token {language} in offers / landing pages

– Tokens in S2S Postback (doc)

– Drilldown report

– Graphical representation of overall traffic to the tracker

– Conversion status reports

– CPC report

– use_x_forwarded_for set up (in a file of a tracker configuration)

– Vertical lines in tables

– Green and red shades (ROI) in colored table

– Parameter Status2 duplicating the main conversion status with possibility of reports look up

– After license completion, you will have 7 days to renew the subscription, after it access to tracker will be closed, but redirects will be still active.