Changes for January and February

We started working on the rotation system, tracker monitoring, and affiliate networks catalog, for after the holidays.

Rotation system

It is very simple. You just have to create a rotation, assign campaigns to it, change traffic distribution in the rotation rules, and as a resulting distribution in assigned campaigns is changed. We did our best to make it handy. As an example, you can change traffic distribution in the settings, even if a rotation has already been set. Only that campaign will be modified for the rotation and it will be marked as “custom.”

Anyway, it is easier to try it, than it is to explain it. You can find more detailed information in documentation

Monitoring system

Monitoring system checks the uptime and speed of the tracker’s clicks processing. In case of any breakdowns, you will get a text message, as well as our support will be notified. The point is to secure users from different server-based risks with the help of timely reporting of problems. We will send text messages automatically if all is lost and nothing is working.  Also, we will definitely write to you in Skype. We are thinking about the possibility to take servers for servicing in the future.

Affiliate networks catalog

We created an affiliated networks catalog and added a small rating system (for a test). Our clients can score different networks.
The thing is, each network in our database has postback URL and offer link templates.

For instance, for Adsimilis:

 Thus, during offer creation, you can choose aff. networks and copy a link from the network without further revisions; besides, in the same window you will get accurate and correct postback, and there won’t be any necessity to contact our support for clarification.

Grouping templates in reports

This is a small, but very convenient function.

For example, you often check reports regarding offers – lander, and you are tired of choosing these parameters each time. Now you can save the template and use it with just one click. It looks like this:

If you had and active saved filter, your template will be added to the filter list, for example, Token1 + Black. It is handy to receive in one black-list by publishers.

List of changes

– Rotation system (flows) (docs)

– Monitoring system of uptime and trackers clicks processing speed

– Affiliate Networks Catalog.

– Grouping templates in reports

– New algorithms for language specification. The format has changed to en_EN.

– Landing link QR code

– New criteria for GET parameters and URL entrance

– Adjustability of standard values “Hide referrer”

– Post back received through POST parameters

– “set_bid” (&set_bid=x) parameter was added to the campaign’s URL for a click price forced setup.

– Report regarding traffic uniqueness

– Mapping of click uniqueness in “Click log”

– Updated output format CSV for compatibility with Excel

– Reports speed up by parameter “LP Token”

– Tracker pick loads mapping for the last 24 hours

– “Drilldown” opening by double click

– Time frame changes in reports without “Apply” hitting