What prevents you from being successful in affiliate marketing and life?

In this post, I will share with you some of my thoughts on how to succeed in affiliate marketing. Many of these points are good for other activities too. So, let’s begin.

What’s stopping you?


That is the reason why some people cannot reach the heights of success and live the life they dream. He one who conquers fear is successful. The moment you deny fear, spit in its face and raise your head – you become a man.

Procrastination, laziness, diffidence, apathy, infantilism, lack of lofty goals, and need for stability – everything comes from a feeling of fear. Fear of failure, communication with people, being stupid to others, losing money and self-confidence, fear of conflict, changes, saying what you think, telling the truth.

In fact, everybody else knows the truth about themselves, but fear even prevents you from being honest with yourself. Fear is the key to everything. And yes, your comfort zone is the same story. Why it’s so difficult? Because it’s scary.

Fearlessness makes a boy a man (it’s ok for women to be scared of everything), in this case, there is a close link with testosterone level. And there is also such a thing as courage from lack of testosterone.

Luck favors the brave, to me this is obvious. Statistically, the more we take resolute actions, the bigger success and more opportunities await us on our way. We need the courage to live the way we want to, and do what we want to do, damn it!

This is self-preservation instinct! The losers’ destiny is to feel the fear. Just put it off. You will get used to it later. There will never be any successful affiliate marketing or business as long as there is fear. Anly awareness of this important factor is the key to leadership, successful projects, breakthroughs and new technologies.

Fear is the bloody archaism. 99% of what we are afraid of are empty threats. Our brain must learn to recognize real dangers but not to react to illusions.

Low testosterone

That also applies to the first part since this hormone dulls the fear. Do sport, go to the gym, etc. You need a fighting spirit, strong mind, energy. Add more movement to your life – being sluggish will not get you anywhere.


I’m a big fan of iterative improvements. I think that it is better to do badly but soon, than perfect but sometime later. Right from the start you require results for further improve on, but not empty thoughts on how to make it perfect. I’m a grown man already, and I have never seen anything done perfectly the first time.

After the first results, I think on how to improve them, what I can come up with that is better. I do so several times, and if at some iteration I don’t get the desired result, I simply don’t repeat it. I’m just curious what will happen (how bad or wrong), I want to quickly understand if there’s a potential.

Well, you have seen the first version of my tracker 🙂 The main thing is to start, get into a fight and then we will see. For half a year before actually starting, many read something, study, learn and ask. Don’t do that: read the forum briefly for a couple of days, then just do it, learn and improve gradually.


Allure for repetition, the same way that others have already gone through. It is the same comfort zone, where you feel good, and everything is clear because a lot has been said about this and checked by others. Indeed, you can work this way and earn something, but not too much. From the moment when you stray from the easy path and go deep into the forest of the unknown, then come the long-awaited big profits.

It can be expressed in any aspect of our work: your own promo, some amusing offers, special conditions on traffic sources, cunning Ad campaign optimization systems, more effective than other colleagues have and much more. The desire to be like everyone else leads to the common competition boiler. I’m not surprised that not everyone wins in this game, be different. I will say the cliché – just be you! Adjust affiliate marketing to yourself, not yourself to affiliate marketing.

Low intensity and discipline

I’m not perfect myself and more lazy than industrious. But that is the rule: you can only work hard or make others work hard or lose. “Do not work 8 hours, work with your brain” – the wrong approach at the start. You must do at least 12 hours. Here the quantity turns into quality, and not vice versa. The more ad campaigns you launch, more verticals, more traffic sources you try the more experience you’ll gain, more money you’ll earn. Once you grasp everything you understand how to formalize and scale it. In the beginning, it’s more important to do, than to think, because there is no base for reflection.

Intellect deficit

Pump your brain, like muscles, with constant intense exercise. Look at things from different angles, not only the common way. In this regard, reading forums and opinion of others might even be harmful. I wrote about this in the paragraph about repetition. In affiliate marketing, one good idea can bring millions in profits; I guarantee this, I have always had this. To make lots of money you need either to search for a place without competition or to be smarter and more efficient at it. Create systems, improve everything you come across with. There is a huge number of multipliers which should be used. The brain is lazy, try to make it work for you.

Capital deficit

Alas, with no cash you can’t make more cash. If you got lucky and the working capital is growing, do not pull money out of your business, do not buy apartments and cars until you own a lot of cash. Large capital gives huge advantages. You can work smoother, allocate risks, make long-term money, wait for payments for months when competitors cannot afford to go on without money for tests. Money should become your additional competitive advantage.

Communication deficit

Do not ignore communication, make connections to receive from different sources information, ideas, food for thought, special conditions. Communicate! Sometimes, instead of the months of advertising campaign optimisation, you can just have a call, talk and you are ahead of the competition. This is the advantage which is hard to repeat. In affiliate marketing, there’re too many men of few words, and this is amazing. I do not encourage you to skype all day long (oh, but how I love it), you need a balance.

Discover yourself

Don’t fit yourself into affiliate marketing, fit affiliate marketing into yourself. If you like to communicate – do communicate. If you like to program – program, do auto-optimization, create optimal schemes. If you like creativity – try to make a quality flow. If you’re manager – try to build a business, hire people, do not try to become a performer, if your soul rejects it. Bring your personality, be different. Everyone has their own talents, use them. No one lasts long solely on the strength of will.