With this short note, I’m starting a series of articles on using Binom tracker’s various functions and their combinations. Some of them may not be noticed by our users, the more interesting will be for them to read this blog and discover all the new features of our product.

Today we will cover the micro-feature which is subtracting the Report row from the Summary row. (link on doc)  It works in the following way. For example, you opened the Report on publishers, in the bottom line you see the overall campaign statistics. If you click on any of the rows then the number of clicks, leads, income, cost, etc. of the row will be subtracted from the overall statistics.

How to apply this?

Let’s take the particular case. There’s the campaign with the following indicators:

It has just been launched, and we want to optimise it someway.

Let’s see the offers statistics: 6b65572526060740015a708f64aeae1c